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COVID 19 05/02/20




Appointments only

Those having any symptoms of COVID19 or those who have come from out of state will not receive “face to face” appointments with Town Hall staff at this time.


Contact with Town Hall numbers:

Phone: 863-699-3747

Fax: 863-699-3749

Town Staff or any part of Town government may be accomplished by emailing

Contact Police Department Non-Emergency at:

Phone: 863-699-3757



1. All Town owned public restrooms have been temporarily closed in order to minimize usage of high demand supplies. This action also aims to prevent potential spreading of the virus because our employees could not feasibly sanitize the restroom after each use.   The toilet paper was also being stolen as fast as it could be placed.

 2. The Lake June Recreation Facilities have been closed to all games until further notice.

 3. Events at the Government Center are not being scheduled at this time.   Town parks are open.

Reservations for use of parks involving more than 10 people in close proximity   are not being taken at this time. 

4. The Town's beaches at Lake June Park are open; however, Police will intervene in the event of a crowd incapable of reasonable social distancing.

4. The Public Works Department and Utilities Department are continuing garbage pickup and utility services as usual although new utility connections may have a delay.


Please help us keep this service active in the Town.  It is a violation of Town code and state law to knowingly dispose of contagious material in regular garbage thereby exposing the pickup crew to pathogens.  Please call 863-699-3747 and report contagious materials from any COVID19 quarantine and the Town will work with you to remove the waste. 

6.  Businesses that are closed and have not used the Town's garbage service should notify Town hall of their situation and they will not be billed unless the service is being used.

7.  Enforcement of the Town sign ordinance regarding local restaurants has been placed on hold to allow for announcements of take outs.    

8. Mayor Holbrook has extended the Town's State of Emergency Proclamation to an indefinite time period.   The Town's emergency measures closely follows the Highlands County Board of County Commissioner's emergency declaration measures and the State of Florida.  

9. Finance Department reports as follows:

Mail deliveries (Delayed distribution up to 24 hours)

• Mail deliveries will be immediately put into a plastic container and liberally sprayed with Lysol spray. The untouched mail will be left to dry with the Lysol spray, for a minimum of 24 hours.

10.  Late utility payments will not result in cut off's at this time and penalties will not be assessed subject to reevaluation April 15th.   Meters will continue to be read and bills will continue to be mailed.  Customers are encouraged to pay online by credit card.

11. Town drop boxes are at Town Hall (Lake Placid Government Center) at 1069 US Hwy 27 N, Lake Placid FL and Lake Placid Police Department at 8 N Oak Ave, Lake Placid FL.    Drop box at Government Center is currently by a red post as shown in picture.

 1069 US27 Dropo Box

12. Online payments are the first and foremost means of collecting payments. For online payments customer must visit:

Instruction attached.

• USE CAUTION: Current evidence suggests the coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials (which could include currency and paper). Town Staff and citizens are important, this department would like to ensure the health precaution for all and is taking extra precaution when handling cash and parcels.

13. Drop box payments (Delayed posting up to 24 hours)

Secondary, encouraging drop box payment to lessen social interactions to more than 6 feet. The drop box will be checked daily; however, the posting of the payments will be delayed.

• Drop box payments will be removed from the drop box and immediately put into a plastic tub and liberally sprayed with Lysol spray. The untouched envelopes will be left to dry with the Lysol spray, for a minimum of 24 hours.

• Staff may use face mask while retrieving the payments.

14. Person-to person contact (May be rescheduled)

a. New accounts and cash paying customer will be carefully considered on a case by case basis.

• Staff will provide the customer with an envelope. The customer will make sure the account number, location address and amount of cash or check he/she put in the envelope. The envelope will be fold (not licked) and the customer will put the payment in drop box. On the end of the day, staff will liberally spray the payments with Lysol spray. The untouched envelopes will be left to dry with the Lysol spray, for a minimum of 24 hours

15. In an attempt to minimize Police Officer, we have temporarily limited some of our services. Officers have been directed to give court dates to misdemeanor arrests. Only felony and offenders with significant failures to appear will be transported. Being US 27 is a major artery of the state, officers will be reducing traffic enforcement with exception to obvious dangers to other motorists. We will still be conducting community patrol but will be limiting our exposure to the public by attempting to handle non-emergency calls by phone. Officers will still respond to all emergency calls as usual.