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This page is intended to guide you through the process of starting
your business. 

New businesses that will require a new building must be reviewed by the town planning and zoning department to assure that the zoining will allow the business.   The town has an interlocal agreement with Highlands County Planning Department located at 501 S. Commerce Ave. Sebring, FL 33870 (Phone: (863) 402-6650 Fax: (863) 402-6651).     permanent link to this piece of content

   If you are building a new business you or your contractor will be required to submit a site plan to the town's planning staff.    The plan requires approval by the planning staff, approval of the Local Planning Agency that meets once a month, and final approval of the Town of Lake Placid Town Council.   

New businesses that are going into a existing building are required to check with the town's planning staff regarding zoning.


The town's business tax program is adminstered by the Town's Code Enforcement Department located at the Lake Placid Police Department, 8 North Oak Avenue, Lake Placid, Fl. 33852. 

The town adopted a new Business Tax Ordinance in July 2014.

The Town imposes a business tax of $35.00 with all busineesses except those excluded by state statute.

All licenses are sold at the Lake Placid Police Department, 8 North Oak Avenue, Lake Placid, Fl.  

 Licenses are sold beginning August 1 of each year, are due and payable on or before September 30 of each year, and expire on September 30 of the succeeding year.   Late fees can accumulate up to $250.00. 


The Town of Lake Placid also has a sign ordinance which limits sign size and material and requires approval before placement.    A small section of the total sign ordinance is included; however, the ordinance should be reviewed in it's entirety at the link provided.  permanent link to this piece of content

154-15.3. Sign permits.

1. Permit required. To obtain town review and avoid expensive mistakes, all signs shall be required to comply with this Code. Unless specifically exempt, no sign shall be placed, newly constructed, enlarged, or relocated in the Town of Lake Placid until a sign permit has been issued by the town.

2. Permit fees. A permit fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be paid to the town clerk with each application for a sign permit.

3. Permit exemptions. A permit is not required for signs listed in this chapter as exempt from this sign ordinance. Confirmation of an exemption may be obtained by submitting an exception application. No fee shall be required to confirm an exemption.

4. Other applicable codes. No permit shall be issued until the proper officials determine that the application complies with the requirements of this chapter, and the proper officials determine that the sign will not violate the applicable building or electrical codes. A building permit from Highlands County may also be required subject as determined by the town's planning and zoning official.

5. Permitting authority. The town planning and zoning official shall act on all applications for a sign permit, a variance from the terms of this Code, and exemptions requests.

6. Variances. Variances for sign structure setback, height, face size, will be considered by the town planning and zoning official. Variance applications must be in writing and must show why the subject should be treated differently from others, and how the variance will not be detrimental to the public or give unfair advantage to the applicant. The variance may be granted in whole or in part or denied. Each variance shall be for the minimum deviation from this section as needed to equitably apply the stated purpose of this section.

7. Appeal. Decisions of the town planning and zoning official regarding this chapter may be appealed to the Lake Placid Town Council. Appeals must be in writing, state all supporting arguments, include all supporting evidence and be filed with the town clerk within thirty (30) days of the planning and zoning official's decision. Twenty (20) days' written notice of the appeal hearing must be given by the appellant to the owner of every parcel contiguous to the parcel upon which the appeal pertains. The notice shall include a complete copy of the appeal.

8. Removal of illegal signs. The code enforcement official (or such other town employee directed by the mayor) shall remove all illegal signs from public property immediately.

9. Mandatory sign permit contents. Every sign permit shall contain the following provision:

"The sign herein permitted must be operated and maintained according to the provisions of Section 154-15 of the Code of the Town of Lake Placid. Specifically, the Town may require modification of the operation of the sign to assure safety and compliance with the Town Code, as amended from time to time."