Community Development Block Grant 2014-16 Cycle                                               Report updated 02/03/16
Replace Lake Blue Primary Water Lines

This project will replace town water mains in the Lake Blue subdivision area.     Since Lake Blue is not in the Town limits, Highlands County has applied for the grant on behalf of the town.   

Currently the grant has been approved and work is estimated to start in mid-2016.     Currently needed property easements are being obtained.    Eventually all connections that are currently located in back of Lake Blue residences where lines are to be run, will be required to hook up to the new line that will run in front of all residences.     The Town has approved paying for these connection costs for residents; however, a temporary construction easement will be required of all such residences to allow a future town contracted plumber to install the new connections.


Community Development Block Grant 2016-17 Cycle                                          Report updated 08/19/16
Install new waste water lines

This project would install wastewater lines in a section of the Town of Lake Placid and furnish town wastewater services to residents in the defined area.    The grant is competitive with other government applicants.    If approved the project would have an estimated start date of late 2017.

This project was not funded in this grant cycle.   It will be applied for again in late 2016.
Green Dragon Drive                                                                                                      Report updated 08/17/16

The Town funded some temporary patching of the worst areas.   The Town had in 2015, received an FDOT grant to repave the road; however, when core sample were taken it was discovered that more extensive repairs were needed.     The Town opted to reapply in the 2016 grant cycle for additional funds so the project could be done right.    The results of that grant are expected before October 2016.


Tangerine Avenue                                                                                                    Report updated 08/17/16

Tangerine Avenue is a town maintained roadway that has needed improvements.     In 2012, Highlands County applied for and received, a grant of $410,000 from the Florida Department of Transportation.     Not long ago Tangerine Street was an insignificant small town street that stopped at Lake June.     Since it became a connector for the county roads of Heartland Boulevard and West Interlake Boulevard is was subjected to an amount of traffic that is was not designed for.    

The town has negotiated and purchased from neighboring property owners for the past two years, property sufficient to reconstruct a suitable roadway.  

Improvements are underway and are expected to begin by October 2016.







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