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Oak Hill Cemetery Rules

As recommended by the Cemetery Committee on Jan 11., 2010

Rules apply to areas within the Cemetery using the following abbreviations

UM –Upright Memorial, MG- Memorial Garden, MA- Mausoleum, BL-Baby Land

  1. Lot Sales:

    1. Persons desiring to purchase lot(s) in Oak Hill Cemetery are referred to the Town’s Public Works Director (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    2. Upon full payment of the purchase price of the lot and perpetual care fee. The Town will issue a special warranty deed to the purchaser. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    3. Notice of all lot re-sales must be sent to Town. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    4. The Town has rights to repossess orphaned lots. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    5. The Town will not purchase or buy back any burial or interment sites.   All sales are final.  I the event you should sell sites you should let the Town know about the transfer of ownership to avoid confusion for the new owner.

  2. Interment:

    1. No interments of any body other than that of a human being will be permitted. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    2. The interment rights for a single lot are as follows: One casket, and one cremation, or two cremations. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    3. Concrete, Steel, or fiberglass vaults are required for all interments except cremations. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    4. All interments shall require written permission from the lot owner by completion of the “Authorization and Identification” form provided by an approved funeral home under agreement with the Town for interment within Oak Hill Cemetery. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    5. Removal of bodies from graves will only be done in accordance with the rules and requirements of the statues of the State of Florida and the rules and regulations of the State and Town officials. Lot owners or their desiring graves to be opened shall secure permissions from the Town. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    6. The Town must mark all grave locations prior to burial and the associated fee must be paid It is the responsibility of the family or funeral home representative to provide details for the grave location 48 hours in advance. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    7. The cemetery staff must approve the location of all interments. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    8. The mound of the grave shall not exceed a height of 2 ½ inches above the surrounding grade and merge in to the surrounding ground evenly. (UM,MG,BL)

    9. 18 gauge metal or plastic tray is required in the Mausoleum section. (MA)

    10. No wooden caskets are in Mausoleum section. (MA)


  1. Monuments:

    1. All monuments shall be promptly marked with a permanent marker. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    2. Back lot may have one headstone plus one foot stone or grave cover stone. (UM,BL)

    3. No upright monuments are permitted in the memorial sections of the cemetery. (MG)

    4. All grave cover ”ledger” and foot stones must be flush with the surrounding ground to allow mower to pass over them. (UM,BL)

    5. All upright monuments must be place on suitable foundation.(Metal reinforced concrete pad 8” deep and 3” larger than monument on all sides. (UM,BL)

    6. The cemetery shall approve the placement of all markers and monuments. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    7. Markers and monuments must be of approved material and size. Height must not exceed
      5 feet from grade level and must be structurally sound. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    8. Offensive memorial material will not be permitted. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    9. The Town reserves the right to reject any monument, marker or memorial which is improper, offensive, dangerous or dilapidated. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

  2. Lot Improvements:

A. All improvements must be approved by the Town (UM,MG,MA,BL)

B. In the upright memorial section only, Concrete or brick, coping, edging, or curbs will be allowed provided they do not exceed the width of the base of the headstone or marker and extend no more than 1 foot to the front. Such area may be used for decoration of grave sites with landscape materials eternal lights, artificial, cut, or potted plants. No stones or wire are permitted. All decorations must be contained within such boundaries and maintained in good condition or it shall be removed without notice by the Town. No decorations or other lot improvements shall be permitted outside this boundary .Lots with cover stones are not required to have cropping, edging or curbs to contain decorations , however the boundary size detailed above still applies. (UM,BL)

C. No plants or trees of any kind may be planted directly in the ground on any burial lot under any circumstances. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

D. The Town at its sole-discretion, has the right to remove any plants, flowers, wreath, or other adornments once they become withered or faded. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

E. Un-approved alteration will be removed. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

F. No elevated mounds. (UM,MG,MA,BL)


  1. Perpetual Care

    1. The Town shall endeavor at all times to provide general maintenance and care to the cemetery to the extent that current sales proceeds from burial spaces and the cemetery trust fund provide the necessary funds. General revenue funds shall be expended for the continuing care of the cemetery except as specifically authorized by the Town Council. The Town shall be under no obligation to maintain any set standard for such care and upkeep. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    2.  The Town shall take all reasonable precautions to protect cemetery lot owners and the property rights of the cemetery lot owners from loss or damages, but the Town shall not be liable, and disclaims all responsibility, for loss or damage to property rights of the lot owners arising from causes beyond control including, but not limited to damage caused by the elements, and act of God, thieves, vandal, malicious mischief makers, or unavoidable accidents, whether the damage be direct or collateral. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    3. The general care of the cemetery is assumed by the town and includes the cutting and irrigation of the grass at reasonable intervals, the raking and cleaning of the grounds, and by the pruning of the shrubs and trees placed by the town. General care by the town shall in no case mean the maintenance, repair or replacement of any monument, memorial or marker, placed or erected upon lots by owners, or their contractors, nor the doing of any special or usual work in the cemetery, including work caused by impoverishment  of the soil, nor does it mean the reconstruction of any marble or granite work. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

  2. Conduct:

    1. No Un-authorized person shall perform maintenance or remove any tree, building or structure within the cemetery. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    2. No trespass from sundown to sunrise. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    3. Persons on the cemetery grounds shall use only the established avenues, walkways and roads. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    4. Children under the age of 18 shall not be permitted unless accompanied by an adult. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    5.  No person shall discharge a firearm in the cemetery. This prohibition shall not apply to authorized volleys at military burial services. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    6. No form of advertisement is permitted on cemetery ground. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    7. No dogs or other domestic animals are permitted in the cemetery. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    8. No consumption of alcoholic beverages. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

    9. No loud talking shall be permitted within hearing distance of funeral services. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

  7. Motor Vehicles:

A. Speed limit of 5 mph should be observed at all times. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

B. Vehicles must remain on designated road surfaces.  (UM,MG,MA,B)

   8. Exceptions

         A. Special cases may arise in which the literal enforcement of a rule may impose unnecessary hardship. The Town therefore reserves the right, without notice, to make exceptions, suspensions or modifications in any of the rules and regulations when, in its judgment, the same appear advisable. Temporary exceptions, suspensions or modifications shall in no way be constructed as affecting the general application of such rules and regulations. (UM,MG,MA,BL)

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