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Development Services

Planning Director Dana Riddell

Planning Director Dana Riddell

The Town of Lake Placid Development Services provides a comprehensive range of services related to permitting and property development within the town. Our services include thorough planning and zoning consultations to ensure compliance with regulations, as well as efficient and accurate review of development proposals. We also offer streamlined permit application and approval processes to help the complex landscape of development and construction regulations with ease.


Permitting may be delayed between March 21 through April 5th 2024 due to limited staffing during this period

Town of Lake Placid Informational Links

The Town of Lake Placid Comprehensive Plan                                                   LINK

The Town of Lake Placid Code of Ordinances                                                    LINK

Highlands County Code of Ordinances                                                                 LINK

(The Town has adopted Highlands County's Commercial Review

Process pursuant to the 2006 Bullard Ordinance.  Please substitute

Town where it says County for information applicable to the Commercial Site Plan review process. )

The Region's Long Range Transportation Plan                                                    LINK

Town of Lake Placid Trails and Paths Master Plan                                              LINK

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