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Vendor Disclaimer

The Town of Lake Placid is aware that as a public entity, publishing information that is public by nature, results in other entities using links to the Town of Lake Placid website information and, in some cases, links to vendor sites and apps for payments of town bills.   The Town assumes no liability or responsibility for any vendor publication linking to the Town's website or linking with payment of any Town bill unless the same is actually published and acknowledged on the Town website.

The Town of Lake Placid endorses one credit card payment method.
accessed at the link below.


There have been recent cases where people have used external payment sources.    Payments made through some external vendors and through some bank arrangements have been two weeks late, which has resulted in town utilities being shut off and, upon reconnecting, reconnect fees plus the delinquent bill.

Online payments through Point and Pay (vendor above) are immediate.

Payments through banks take 7-14 days to process.    It is the customer's responsibility to use payment methods that insure payment on time and therefore continue uninterrupted town services.


The Town encourages customers to sign up for "auto draft" at town hall, where the town will automatically draft 10 days after the billing date.    This is a method with worry-free no processing fee.


Customers, please update your primary telephone or mobile number. The Town now initiates an automated courtesy call (in reference to the outstanding balance) 7 days prior to shut off.  If your outstanding balance is not received and your service is terminated you will be charged a $50.00 reconnect fee. The outstanding balance and reconnect fee must be received by 3:00pm before services can be re-connected.  If the outstanding balance and reconnect fee is not received before 3:00pm a $50.00 after hours fee will be charged (total re-connection charges could be as much as $100.00).


Disconnecting and reconnecting water service is as costly to the town as it is to customers.   Please keep your account current.

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